Sunday, June 8, 2008

Things you didn't Know about Murray King

The Man, the Enigma. Fans chant his name wherever he goes and the ladies slide off their seats. But we know a precious little about this man, what makes him tick? What are his hopes, his dreams? I have done a reconnaissance mission and compiled a list of facts about the Man. Here goes...
- He lost his spine in a oil rig accident off the coast of Namibia, he had it replaced with a titanium 9 iron shaft. Thus he has a stiff disposition.
- It is said that this is not the only thing on him that is made of steel.
- He has a fondness for 18th century poetry.
- He is the slowest Batsman ever to have played the fine game of cricket.
- He resides on a river front estate in Langa East.
- He cant turn left.
- He harbours a secret ambition to take part in Idols and practices daily in hope that one day he will realise his dream.
- He has been shot twice, in one sitting.
- He can bring a woman to orgasm using nothing but a fork and a balloon.
- He doesn't sleep
- He can go up to 6 days without food or water. This is a result of a childhood experience that occurred in the Namib Desert. He doesn't speak of it, it is just referred to as 'The Hurt'.

So kids, you are now more informed. Next time you strike up a conversation with the man, you will have something to talk about. Just don't mention the war...

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