Thursday, September 13, 2007

Zimbabwe Topple The Aussies!!

They may have little or no petrol but my god they cleaned the Aussies last night and it was beautiful! They played out of their little boots. I love it when Australia loses at anything, be it tiddlywinks or swimming. This was just too good to be true because Zim are definantely not great. It was also good to see all the zim fans going mental in the stands(prob all students except for that old man they kept on showing!). The Aussies were quite funny tho because the whole time they were maring, they were still laughing and joking around, probably still thinking that they would win. That just made it all that much better. Everybody loves a giant killer.

So Stick it up your ass Bob Mugabe! Although, he will probably take credit because of all the countless millions he is pumping into the game in Zimbabwe. Fucken Sure.

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Frodo Baggins said...

Play of the day has to go to the Zimbo's!!!