Saturday, September 15, 2007

Out of Retirement

Jambles Charton will be coming out of retirement this week end at UCT. He will be playing for the UCT 3rds vs Tigerberg RFC at 13:30 on the UCT fields. He will be making his UCT debut at openside flank. No lies.

The news has sparked wide media interest as this is an unprecidented move. Jambles retired in STD 8 when a crippling injury cut his promising rugby career short. He has made the odd appearance since then, playing a few games in matric and a couple for the rochester rhinos in 1st year. His camp was contacted for a comment and his press manager had this to say: "Jambles has been putting in the hours on the touch field and is in peak physical condition. He has not had a chicken burger this semester yet and he is reaping the rewards. He is very close to his fighting weight and is looking forward to his return to the game that he loves with much optimism. He is looking to make some bruising runs from midfield and turnover countless Tygerberg ball. He is ready and he's gonna f#*k some people up!".

Also in action for the 2nds will be Nic Rosslee who will be making his return after a short injury layoff, As well Justin Erasmus, Rose Robinson and Dayne Allenbrook, who will be captaining the Eagles. Game kicks off after the 3rds at 2:45.

Playing for the 1sts will be Jungi Gagiano, James Martin, James Richards and Mathew Rosslee, well only if Gareth Wright gives him some game time. Kick off at 5pm.

Hope to see as many of you down there as possible to Give Jambles as much support as possible on his return. Also lets take as many pictures of the big guy as possible. Ill post them all!!

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