Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Come on Summer!

For those of you who are of the older adage and remember the good old days when alcohol and tobacco companies could sponsor sporting events, would remember the brilliance that was Benson & Hedges day/night domestic cricket. No, this is not an article about boring cricket or the legality of the tobacco industries involvement with advertising. But rather about a catchy tune which encapsulates all that is summer.

Remember Newlands cricket ground in all its old glory, the Oaks, scholars section and of cause the illegal drinking of Castle draught by us minors. Then in the distance like the murmurings of the New Zealand Haka, or the Scottish national anthem, the national anthem of Summer rang around Newlands! And it went a little something like this… “Come on Summer!... Come on Summer!... Come on Summer, come on, come on! Come on Summer come on!” Simple yet effective this tune of great repute got the chicks donning their bikini’s and the guys their boardies and one and all had one great big smile on their faces cause summer was here! Enjoy the song and the summer!

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