Sunday, September 2, 2007

"The Good Party" is in!

In what can only be described as a successful campaign by The Good Party, both the candidates (Nic and James) won seats on the 15 man Student Representative Council at UCT. The council consists of 6 Sasco "Sam", 2 ANC, 2 DASO, 1 Independent and Nic & James. Matching the ANC seat for seat, nice work boys! I wouldn't exactly call myself a political commentator, but if a was to guess where the election was won it would have to be that fateful day on Tuesday. The duo pulled off one of the biggest political publicity coup's since Hitler brought out his idea of Lebensraum to the German public during the depression years. Jogging on a treadmill on Jameson stairs during meridian probably wouldn't be considered conventional, but then again neither is The Good Party.

Just hope that you two rock stars will keep "in touch" with "the people", cause it was "the people" who got you there!

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