Monday, September 24, 2007

Rocking the Daisies

Kids, its time for rocking the daiseys. Wasn't there, but apparently it was an absolute blast! The line up of bands looks sick with Flat Stanley, Waddy Jones, Goldfish, Rory Elliot and Dirty Skirts just to name a few. Click here for the website to check the line up and pics and all other related stuff.

Tickets are not cheap, but for a weekend long party its not that bad!! R 295 for the whole weekend (fri, sat, sun) and R 195 for (sat + sun). Some Big names such as Bob Pecan and Nic Rosslee are confirmed guests as well as Princess Stephanie. Craig Abbo has expressed interest too but is not sure whether the crowd will be to his liking as there is no kwaito on show, as well as Ladysmith Black Mambaza turning down their invitation to attend.
It is a weekend long party that is sure to rate up there with the best of them. So dont let the pricetag deter you and bring the family down and lets make a massive vibe of it. A Case of beer to whoever gets The Name to come and eat anything other than McDonalds and listen to something other than Punk/Emo/Cut Yourself.

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