Friday, September 14, 2007


It's quite amazing how much the old drop goal comes into play during a world cup as opposed to the years in between. I won't bore you with a list of them because if you need a list to remember them..... well then it is pretty clear that you couldn't care less about rugby and don't really want to know.

But I am busy watching a replay of that amazing match in Paris (quite funny that we playing them again there) where Jannie 'I have a boot but not much else' De Beer put 5 drop goals over the English to ensure we won the game 44-21. Now the match wasn't that exciting in terms of the awesome running rugby, but my word Jannie was awesome that day. Jaimie Curtis (an avid English supporter) must have hated that Monday morning more than any other in his school career.

Let us hope that we put another one past the English tonight cause if we don't..... well I don't even want to think 'what if'!

For some unknown reason the name 'Jannie De Beer' always paints this picture in my mind.

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