Friday, November 9, 2007

Suicide Tequila

Well, as if its name does not speak for itself. Gone are the days of the simple tequila shot that many of us used to enjoy in our youth. Nowadays its all about creating new things. I first saw a suicide tequila done in the Fancourt Club house of all places. It was the Main Cheese that brought this phenomenon to my attention. It was hectic. I remember thinking that this oke was mad and I vowed I would never do that sort of thing. Well, it happened.

At the WPCC last night things were just getting started when the Cheese strolled over to me with a mean look in his eye and said "Goon, its time". Time for what? I was unsure of myself, as I shiftily walked to the upstairs bar. Was this it? Was he going to reveal the secrets of bowling quiiiiiick? I was very much mistaken. As I arrived upstairs it was evident that he had put some thought into this and had already assembled a tour party. Slab, Wazza, The UK Pro and The Statue of Ruthity were all waiting with the same puzzled uneasy looks on their faces. It was then when The Cheese leapt into action, seizing a bottle of tequila. With lighting quick(almost as quick as his bowling) movements he poured 12 shots and lined up the salt and lemons.

Oh, ok. This isn't so bad, its only tequila. The anxiety lifted from the crowd. But cheese had obviously sensed this and with a malicious look, he summoned us together. The he explained the rules of a suicide tequila. "Snort the salt, Shoot both the tequila's and squeeze the lemon into your eye." Gasps rang out from the tour party. Fuck off I thought. This oke is taking the piss. Then the memories my mind had been suppressing came flooding back. A few sideways glances were exchanged as we lined up our poison. I remember thinking this is not going to be good. The Cheese went first, making it all look so effortless. All I remember after that was one minute I was looking at the salt, tequila and the lemon while holding a rolled up R100 note (that's how I roll) and the next minute my eyes were sore, I cannot see I have not brought my specs with me...
Fuck me it burns. But I will say this, It was an experience. Kids don't try it at home, or do, you may even enjoy it. This is apparently how a tequila shot is meant to be done. Ill need the Princess for this one...

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