Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Shark Cage Diving

3:30 Open my eyes to the siff sound of my alarm telling me it is time to rise. Fuck, Only went to tiger at this time the other day. Fuck.

3:45 Try and get contacts in, cant because I cant open my eyes.

3:55 The Beaver tells me the car is waiting. I hop in and off we go.

4:15 Meet the UK Pro and the Mistress in Sea point where our bus is waiting to take us to Gansbaai.

6:00 Arrive in Gansbaai at the office of the Shark Cage Diving company. We are early (No need to get up so early, Fuck) so we watch a DVD about shark diving.

6:30 Feeling a little uneasy at the immense size of these monsters, we scoff down some immaculately laid out breakfast and coffee.

7:30 All the tourists are ready, so we have our briefing. There are 17 of us in total. We are given a brief history of the whole shark diving scene and lots of helpful information on the Sharks and how they act.

8:00 Board the boat and get a good look at all the tourists. Most of them are German or Norwegian, couple of Poms though and a random assortment make up the rest.

8:20 After a short ride to get to the spot, the chum is put into the water, the bait is tied in place and everything is ready. All there is to do, is wait for the shark.

8:40 We take bets on who is going to be the first tourist to chunder overboard, the crowd is observed and I settled on a thin Chinese woman. I am confident.

8:50 The Captain announces that the first 4 divers should suit up. We volunteer. So, we are all equipped with 7mm wetsuits, booties and hats. Along with goggles and our weight belts. We are then lowered one by one into the cage. We are all amped to see jaws.

9:30 Sweet fuck all has come so far. My feet are numb.

9:45 IT IS HUGE!! We see our first Great White Shark!! Its only small by their standards, but its still fucken huge to us! The UK Pro exclaimed "Oh my god, it must be at least 5m!" to which the captain replied that it was only a baby and was little over 2m. Fuck around. Not sure I want to see a large one!!

10:00 Our second shark hits, a little bigger this time. Gets really close, close enough to touch! Should I? Shouldn't I? I think better of it when I see its teeth.

10:10 After 1hr20min in the water we get out, thoroughly happy! The Beaver looks a little green from all the chum he has swallowed. We just scramble on deck in time to see the thin Chinese woman scuttle to the side of the boat and hurl overboard. Victory!

11:30 After a flurry of action, seeing 5 other sharks from the boat, all ranging in sizes from 2m to over 4m including some cool action and seeing the sharks attack the fuck out of the bait, we get in for our second dive. Almost immediately another shark comes and has a go at the bait and swims right at the cage and almost into it, but veers off at the last second. I think I just shat myself.

12:00 Go back to the office and see the video. Quite a lag, not a bad day in total. Saw 8 different great whites, no-one got eaten which was a bit of a let down. What brightened our spirits was the Chinese woman deciding to get naked in front of everyone and wander in search of her pants! Kak Funny.

13:30 Get back to sea point, thoroughly happy and ready to grab some much needed rest.
For anyone who is interested or thinking of doing it, it is SUCH a vibe. So, so cool. I would do it again in a heart beat. It is something that you will remember for the rest of your lives. Play nicely

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