Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let's Get the Party Started

Thursday sees the end of exams for most, and kids, it looks like Thursday night is by all accounts shaping up to be an absolute belter of an evening!! This is how its going to go down.

The WPCC (Western Province Cricket Club) will be the venue and who knows, we may even do 100 club if people are amped. Kids, we will own the place. Some Massive names have confirmed their attendance. The UK Pro will be making his seasonal debut, as will The Mistress while seasoned vets such as The Ruth, Cheese, Croc, Guru jnr, Marshall, Taurus, Thomas Vaughan, Frodo and The Squid will all be in attendance. And of course, a party would not be a party without The Name gracing us with his presence!!

There are also rumoured to be quite a few ladies eyeing up the party with the likes of The Polo Player, Swedish Supermodel and Madonna together with their Entourages have shown keen interest to name but a few.

Things will start warming up at about 8ish with festivities set to kick off at 8:30. Kids its gonna be massive, the more the merrier! So bring your drinking shoes cuz its gonna get messy. And im just warning you now, we might sing. Beers are very cheap, it R10,50 for a quart! Lets party like its 1979!


Thur 8 Nov '07



The Name said...

Not sure what you 'kids' are studying, but the only people I know that finish on thursday write exams that last 1 hour long?

Anonymous said...

dont be a player hater!! you just jealous that we gonna get fucked and you not!!

the name said...

"we gonna get fucked" - Dayne Allenbrook AKA the cool kid.