Monday, November 26, 2007

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

A pictue paints a thousand words... never has a truer word been spoken. Congrats to The Guru and The Pixie. The Pixie was pictured here enjoying Tiger with The Name.

A bit of Sushi for the Boys and Girls.

Donkey at 7:15 on a sunday morning, post Tiger.

The Princess enjoying breakfast at Jacki Daya's

The Bull at his best.

A couple of shots for the boys, Nadoes Formal 2007.

Thomas Vaughan and Charles Roff at Starlight Diner.

John Deere

The Uk Pro enjoying the Mistress.

This is a dog box on the back of a scooter. Un-be-lievable. The Jimmy parked in Sea Point and took his rat out of the back. I nearly fell over.

The Junior Guru after a hard night out. 3:30 pm.

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