Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jackie Daya

I woke up this morning feeling a little peckish, so The Princess and I decided to try out Jackie Daya for a spot of breakfast. I had the Early Bird breakfast consisting of 2x eggs, sausage, toast, tomatoes, mushrooms. The princess had the fruit salad and muesli. On the whole very nice.

It has a Melissa's vibe about it deli/coffee shop/convenience store. Very relaxing and chilled out. We were in the middle of eating when none other than the Jambles himself strolled in looking rather sprightly for the hour donning a newspaper. He proceeded to inform us that this was his local spot. It was an amazing experience to observe him grazing in his natural habitat. With egg in the one paw and the business section of the Cape Times in the other, he was the in the perfect balance of mixing business with pleasure.

So, kids, if you are in the neighbourhood and feeling a little peckish, or just in need of a cuppa, Stroll on down, its a cool vibe. They have a mean lunch menu too, if you not a morning person. And for the lucky few, you may even get to observe the Jambles. It is rumoured that The Pecan Farmer frequents the establishment too, but after his recent merge with a Swedish consortium, it is expected that his forays to this joint will lessen.

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