Friday, November 23, 2007

The most amazing shooooooooow

Very impromptu, rather brash by fuc#ing funny, the Most Amazing Show at the Baxter is a must see.

Two white middle aged men talking shit for two hours…sounds like a bore but how wrong you can be. The now almost cult figures of Twakkie and Corne leave the audience in stitches as they poke fun at anything and everything from politicians to religion and of cause themselves.

It’s rather refreshing to view two spandex clothed white men satirizing issues in the new South Africa. No one is left alone and audience members are picked on at random stages through out the show. So a little bit of advice if you are going to watch the show, don’t sit on the isle seats or in the front row. Because no matter how perfect you may think you are these two retro clowns will find a multitude of things to rip you off about.

Don’t let this scare you off however, as actually being a part of the show whether up on stage or in the audience is a hell of a lot of fun. Support local drama and get down to the Baxter theatre and see these dudes! You will not be disappointed. And for all of you who still have valid student cards, you get a reduced rate. “Believe it…because it’s true!”

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