Friday, November 16, 2007

Crouching Tiger...

Yesterday marked a celebration of one and all, being the official end of exams. So, The Pecan Farmer and Jambles hosted another digs party to comemorate the event. Things started off slowly as usual. But after a few sneaky double Canes, some progress was seen. Jambles contiued to show the fine form that has seen his singing reach almost cult like status.

We gathered the tour party together, consisting of the Beaver, Sparky, The Bull and The Bull's prospects, and moved along to Tin Roof. There we were met by a multitude of colourful characters who thouroughly enriched the evening. Finally, all that was left to do was to float to tiger. There was no point in fighting it, we would just let it happen. No cover charge, we were in.

The place was a mess. The Name was fighting and harrassing anything that wasn't nailed down, including a very angry Nigerian bouncer who I just managed, with all my magical powers, to talk out of beheading the Name. It was a fun filled night, some came right, some didnt. Some tried some didnt, Some fought and some saved lives. Whatever, it happens.

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