Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pinnacle Point 2007

In the last few months we have read many ramblings from Jake Burke involving a number of characters who are given nick names so as to protect their identity. Although I feel the nicknames are a a necessity, I feel some characters have been given a whole lot less airtime than they possibly deserve and in some cases none at all. Why no mention of Dwayne? He is probably the most well known of all us yet he seems to be nowhere these days? Or maybe that is just Dwayne's nature.

In light of this I would like to introduce a few more characters in the arena. The catalyst for this introduction is the impending boys tour to Pinnacle Point Golf Estate. Myself, Cool Calm Keith, Shank, MD of Pecans Western Cape, Steaks and Gazza will be heading down to the beautiful coastal town of Mossel Bay to take on the monster of a golf course. These are some big name brands ladies and gentlemen, and this is going to be a big golf tour!

Just look at some of these pics!

My God Pecan man is going to be firing a hella of a lot of balls into that ocean! Its going to be pretty amazing!

There are a couple of other attractions that might keep the boys occupied while not eating up the course. One of these is of course is the on site Casino. The other is of course Matric Rage! They say timing is everything, and well...... timing is everything.

Enjoy your holidays kids and keep it real!

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