Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What happens on the Farm

For all of you who have never spent any time on a farm, and have no idea of what transpires on those long hot days with no cell phone reception and no DSTV, this will help paint the picture. Summer is sheep neutering season. Yes, they get their balls chopped off. Quite barbaric, but apparently rather necessary.

I have here photographic evidence of the Pecan Farmer and the Bull going about their daily chores. Being on a farm such as this one, daily duties need to be carried out. These two young lads were all to happy to help. This also goes along way to dispel the rumours that the Bull is in fact a nice guy. Look ladies, he is helping cut sheep's balls off. Little lambs no less. Unheard of from an upstanding young gentleman. Shame on you.

Enjoy these pics, I know I did.

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The Bull said...

& These sheep were in fact for slaughter- not for chopping balls out, you'll notice (the keen eye) that there are no lambs in the forementioned pictures.

A thank you