Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daly Cup Thriller

A slightly windy but otherwise perfect Tuesday morning saw the staging of the 4th Daly Cup. It was a relatively strong field, boasting two previous champions. The event was marred by the withdrawl of the ladies favourite, The Name.

He cited the blustery conditions as his reason for pulling out. This was just not acceptable and the tournament organisers enlisted the services of the Playroom reporters to find the real story. These reporters uncovered some shocking information regarding the ladies man. It has now been confirmed that he was attending a doctors appointment to take care of a recurrence of the dissease that has plagued him from his Gap Year. The timing is co-incides with the arrival of an appaernt flame from England, a miss Georgie. This is disgrasceful behaviour and he has brought shame on himself. He will be banned from the Daly Cup until further notice.

This Startling discovery aside, the 7 remaining golfers set about their task, with Guru jnr making a birdie on the first hole and shooting out to an early lead. He held on to his lead right through the front nine. At the turn the Guru was leading, followed closely by The Great Dane 1 shot back and Jambles and Bevello Riva a further 3 back.

It was then that the 4 balls were shuffled so that the leaders were separated from the rif-raf and the game was on. I would just like to take thed time out to make special mention of the fact that our budding pro and innaugural Daly Cup winner, Murray King crashed to a 50 on the front nine. This left him 15 shots back at the turn. Ouch.

It was then that Great Dane made his move. Following up his birdie on nine with another on 10, he drew level with Guru and the game was on. With Guru faltering and Jambles falling further behind, it was left to the Daly Cup veteran to make the front running, with some superb putting and enormous driving, The Great Dane shot out to a 2 stroke lead with only 5 holes to play.

And that was the way it stayed till the last. The challenges of Jambles and Bevello Riva had wiltered away and it was just the Guru and The Great Dane down the home straight. A par on the last was good enough for the Great Dane to win his maiden Daly Cup by 3 strokes with an impressive score of 75.

In his post match interview he had this to say: "Guru was charging early on, and I knew I just had to stick with him. He polayed really well, but just couldn't keep it up. Im quite surprised at the level of my play, my form was average at best coming in to the tournament and I was not that confident. But, as soon as I started banging my driver, I knew I had a chance. It's great to finally win the Daly Cup and I hope that I can defend it in Kenton."

LEADERBOARD : Nett (gross)

1) Dayne Allenbrook 68 (75)
2 Tim Florence 71 (81)
3) Jambles Charton 74 (84)
4) Mark Riva 78 (92)

Other players: Bob Roux, MJ King, Eric Lanza Knutsen


19/07/07 MJ King
14/08/07 S Mortlock
25/10/07 J Charton
18/12/07 D Allenbrook

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