Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daly Cup Official Rules

I must congratulate Dwayne on his victory earlier today. Well deserved I must say; he really took advantage of all the good breaks he got. He did leave out this part of his acceptance speech from his autobiography however, "I really want to dedicate this one to my little princess. It was her that allowed me to play today and without her permission I would never have won".

But while talking of the Daly Cup, I feel it is time to engrave the rules in stone. We have been making use of some temporary rules while getting the tournament off the ground, but I feel the teething time is over and I can now announce the 'Official Rules of the Daly Cup".

1. There shall be at least 2 times booked with a minimum of 6 players in total (two three balls for all you mathematics SG boys. We would hope that all effort would be made to get 8 players).

2. The current Daly Cup holder must be playing.

3. The Cup must be played over at least 18 holes.

4. The 18th hole (and only the 18th) must be played in medal format. i.e. no picking up and 'ringing' unless you feel you are completely out of the running.

5. The winner is the lowest net score for the full 18 holes.

6. In the case of a tie, the method of deciding a winner must be one of the following, to be decided by those involved.
6.1 The playing of a sudden death hole(s)
6.2 On the putting green
6.3 An epic game of Ching Chong Cha

In addition to these rules, it is highly recommended if possible that the pairings are adjusted after 9 holes so that the leaders at the half-way mark play together on the back 9.

These rules will only be adjusted for extreme reasons.

Finally I would like to invite all our readers to join myself and the current Daly Cup holder to a round of golf in the Kenton area early in January. Either at Royal Port Alfred, Fish River or Bushman Sands.

And ladies and gentleman, the cap is what you are playing for! Pecan Man is hoping this isn't going to be the closest he gets to this valuable prize especially since he is now using one of the hottest driver on tour thanks to father Christmas!

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