Monday, December 10, 2007

Goldfish at Ignite

The day started off with a well organised pre-match at the Guru's place. Both Guru Snr and Guru Jnr were present. The event marked the comeback of Joe Dirt and Bevello Riva to the Cape's Sunny shores. The Pixie was also in attendance thus the Guru was on his best behaviour.

People came from far and wide to the Guru's shindig. The beers were flowing and many thanks must be given to the Viking for the great salad. Then after the ample pre-match, the kids were off to attend Goldfish at Ignite. To say the place was packed was an understatement of note. There were hot young angels everywhere, which made you feel a little young at times, but we got over it.

The Name once again played out of his boots finding a female who was not scared to buy drinks for the boys and bankrolled the night no question. Seriously, it was like having red bull and vodka on tap. Once flash of his eyes and a few subtle lines of conversation were enough to make her weak at the knees and give up daddy's credit card. Experts were speculating as to the exact bill at the end of the night, but consensus has been reached that it must have been in the vicinity of R6000. Heavy.

A great night was had by all, a perfect start/end (which ever way you like to look at it) to the week. Thanks Guru's, Viking, The Name and everyone else who was in attendance, it will not be easily forgotten.

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