Monday, October 8, 2007

We still love you Dan!

After many phone calls and emails from our lady readership all over the world singing praises at the “Diversified needs” post some weeks back I felt it only necessary to thank my ladies for their praise. And for that I give you all Dan the man Cater. He might be a choker as my good friend and colleague Jose has already commented on but he most certainly is still a crowd pleaser and if read on you will find out how he helped me out big time.

On Saturday evening around 9pm I was standing in front of a large Sony plasma screen at a pub in my town. Then up walked this great looking bird with a Smirnoff spin in hand. She donned a pretty smile; blond hair, a fair sized rack and looked like she was having a good time. Rodney Clarke with beer in hand and charm in abundance strode over to the mystery chick to start a conversation.

“How are you doing?”…” “I’m fine thanks” said the mystery women in a cute but naïve sounding voice. “So are you looking forward to the rugby this evening?” I said…I got a pathetic yet cute reply “What Rugby?” Being the gentleman and rugby enthusiast that I am I eagerly replied by telling mystery women that this match was only the biggest quarter final of the Rugby World Cup 2003. Mystery women looked at me with a blank stare as if to say “so what!” So at this time in the conversation it definitely looked like I wasn’t in there and I wasn’t going to get to touch the nice rack I mentioned of earlier.

As I walked away, a bit dejected and now deflated at my recent loss I got a soft touch of a pat on the shoulder. It was the mystery women…”Is Dan Carter playing in this game?” I replied eagerly “yes he is indeed”, stuttering ever so slightly. Mystery women replied “I don’t know much about stupid rugby by my goodness that Dan guy is hot. And come to think of it you look incredibly like him.” My chest puffed out and I was oh so proud…I knew now I was in there. The rest is history as mystery chick pulled up a chair next to me as the rugby started. She began to whisper sweet nothings into my ear about how she now loved rugby. Thank you Dan for both losing the quarter final and for helping me score once again.

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