Friday, October 5, 2007

John Daly would turn in his Camper Van

Things have been quiet on the golfing front lately due to the flurry of 'Admin' the tour pro's are currently experiencing. Most of the players have had other commitments to attend to and have little time to compete for the coveted Daly Cup.

Reports have been surfacing that current Daly Cup holder Jambles Charton has been Keeping himself busy by furthering his Karaoke career. He has been spotted at various Cape Town establishments flaunting his Supernatural Singing abilities to anyone and everyone he comes into contact with. He is so dedicated in fact, that when a lovely (not so young) fan asked him for some personal assistance and some hands on training, he promptly went home with her and obliged like the true professional that he is.

The Name has also been putting in some time on the golf course of late with the odd sneaky 9holes at Mowbray and I am pleased to report that the Little man had this positive news to convey: "The Mowbray greens are looking a lot better, they are a lot softer and have been recently shaved. A lot like my new a hot chick and Iv probably scored her. Fuck Off!"

MJ King seems to have devoted his time to cricket these days. I think he has finally laid his dreams of becoming a professional golfer and winning the Daly Cup to rest. Dreams die hard old boy.

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