Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bubbles and Troubles

In my time overseas and during my travels I spent some time in the not so posh areas in England with a bunch of lads who could be classified as pyckies, in fact they were pyckies. I know, I know, I can hear all you say “I fucken hate pyckies!”. But for all their white reebok trakkies, Lonsdale sneakers and bent back nike peak caps, these fellas can sure shout for their team. I call has been sent out by the Burkester who resembles a pyckie somewhat sometimes, that the infamous Nadoe clan should learn the song ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’. Will I just happen to know that song so I’m going to teach it to you all now, so sing along with me…! And then repeat over and over again until it’s so entrenched in your mind like ‘Die Stem’ is in Bakkies’ head.

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air,

They fly so high,

Nearly reach the sky,

Then like my dreamsThey fade and die.

Fortune's always hiding,

I've looked everywhere,

I'm forever blowing bubbles,

Pretty bubbles in the air.

Nadoes! Nadoes! Nadoes!

Lets go fucken mental,

Lets go fucken mental,

Naanaananaa naananaaa!

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