Saturday, April 12, 2008

Telkom schmelkom

I think it’s safe to say Telkom has proved to be quite the monopoly player. Well done Telkom, you’ve done very well indeed. You’re not liked by most South Africans but that’s ok because we don’t have a choice do we. Or do we? Up until now we’ve been forced to put up with all the bullshit Telkom has to offer. How many of you have spent countless hours listening to that Grammy award winning music whilst waiting to be helped. Think of how many more hours we will have to listen to that. Or will we?

“Telkom shares continue to fall”

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy a newspaper sometime in the next few years that had that headline! Harsh? Fair!

No more clowns saying “your faulty line has been reported and we will deal with it, when we feel like it”.

(Telkom helpdesk)

I think you get the picture....

Maybe with some competition Telkom will start getting their act together. Hence the point of this article...

Vox telecom.

Who are these guys you ask?

These guys are also pissed off with Telkom and have launched a product of their own. Or have taken a product that has proven itself overseas and adapted it for our pleasure, I guess theirs too as nothings for free. The way it works isn’t the point (you can learn about it by going to their site, or click the phone for my brief explanation). It’s what it can do for you that matters. This product can, not only, save you money but make you money too.

Surely not?


Like I said the way it works is far too complicated but go check it out. You can also register as a dealer and make even more money. This works on a pyramid vibe. No scheme though because if you get over it you just cancel it.

So go on, go check out the site. You’ll see that it’s not a scam and that you just have to get involved. You can sign up online and have everything delivered to your doorstep. All you need is my sponsor number so get hold of me if you keen. Then I can pay for my trip to Thailand!


(What a good looking little phone)

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