Monday, April 14, 2008

A Hurricane spotted in Rondebosch

You wake up in the morning, get dressed and have your coco pops, brush your teeth and then go off to work, varsity or just get the newspaper from the front lawn. The air is crisper, the washing on the line doesn’t dry as fast and the South Easter changes into a North Wester. You can taste it; the Cape winter is upon us and with winter comes the great game of rugby.

A major part of this winter phenomenon, rugby, is socializing and having a few coolies with the boys and girls. No better place to socialize than the BRSC (Bosch Rugby Supporters Club). Have a few beers, a great meal, listen to All Black legend Ian Kirkpatrick and meet a few of the Hurricanes. Oh yes and of cause support Bosch rugby. Joining this club is a must!

That’s whats happening this Friday at 6pm in the Centenary Pavilion at Rondebosch. A BRSC function of the highest order which will see rugby celebrities mingle in alcohol plentiful place.

All Rondebosch supporters and friends are invited to join the club and join in the festivities. So come down on Friday for what promises to be a hurricane of an experience. Who knows you might meet Jerry?

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