Thursday, April 24, 2008

Morning Moan

I have in fact come to the realisation that boozing is not good for you. Nor is it productive. I knew this of course before I decided to go out last night, (yes mom, im not perfect) but I just need re-affirmation. And now, as I write this at my desk, still boozed, with a R700 parking fine in my pocket (Thanks DL), I sit here wondering where it all went wrong. It was only meant to be 1 drink, just 1. But 1 turned to 2 and 2 turned to free drinks in the VIP at Wadda and that was the end of it.

Another aside, I got a call this morning at 7 from my mom. She was looking for my brother cuz he didn’t come home last night. So, I made the necessary enquiries and found him after about 30,000 calls to be passed out on a digs floor in Mowbray. God only knows where Graham Barratt is this morning, because if he is feeling anything like me this morning, good luck. It was a good send off to the Godfather last night, but rumours circulating the paddock are that he is to be staying for a couple more, surprise!

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