Friday, April 18, 2008

Minister of What Now?

Daily you hear people talking about the minster of this and the minister of that, but do we really even know who they are? The SA Cabinet (thats wht they are collectively known as) has always eluded me in the intricacies of its dealings. Ok, there are a few well known faces, such as Manto and stofile, but apart from a select few, they are relative unknows to a relative political novice. If someone asks you, who is the minister of transport, will you be able to answer? F@#K no you wont. Why, because its boring.
Well kids, as we are growing up, these are the things that we need to know so that when you meet your next girlfriends parents for the first time and round the dinner table talking about the state of the transport system in South Africa (as one does) you may interject and utter "That Jeffrey Radebe is an idiot" and nod your head knowingly. And that will be it. The parents-in-law will be so impressed that the mother night try and blow you herself. Needless to say, you will be alowed to "sleep" over as much as you want, even if it is just for 25 minutes after work. And on those actual sleep overs, bacon and eggs will be waiting for you alongside the morning paper.

So, in summation kids, learn these ministers and it will improve your sex life and eradicate all erectile dysfunction. What is a tangent. Back to the main point though, i have left a list of the cabinet ministers including their pictures at the link below so you can see who is running this country. I have also left a Report card published by the mail and guardian on how the ministers are performing, also worth a read for extra credit.

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