Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Daly Cup Hotting Up

The Announcement of the Daly Cup Date has stirred the Cape Town Golfing fraternity into action. Reports and sightings have been flooding in from the general public and fans alike telling of how Cape Towns finest have come out of the woodwork.

It is rumoured that Paul Brewis might be making a comeback to golf after the golfing disaster of '99. He reportedly played so badly in a tournament that he vowed never to play the game again. News has come in that he has alledgedly been working with a Dutch Pharmaceutical Company to get over his fear of the Game and lack of BMT. He has spent many intense sessions with the Dutch Marketing Director working on his image and general branding. They have apparently been leaving no stone unturned or bed unmade to get his game back on track. Many attribute the many hours of personal training given by the dedicated dutch lass to Brewis's new found lease on life.

Croc McConnachie is rumoured to be making his Daly Cup debut next Sunday as he joins the trail of players looking to take the coveted crown. He has performed well in previous big competitions such as the Burberry Cup and Fancourt Shootout. He has a wise head on his shoulders and that is waht is needed in these big Competitions. His only downfall is his recurring injury which he feels neccessar to see "the Doctor" up to 3 times a rounds for. Let us hope he stays injury free and makes a good go of it. Will the old adage ring true yet again? You cant win a Daly Cup on your first attempt.

Villager Manager Charles Sanderoff is also rumoured to have his sights set on the coveted title. He has come close on a few occasions and will be looking to get his name on the cup. Having played in amany international events he has the experience to win at this level and many are touting him to be the one to topple Allenbrook and stop him doing the unthinkable, winning an unpresidented 3 in a row.

There are still a few spots open so get in quick to book your place in Golf's Greatest Challenge. Watch this space for further developments and press releases.

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