Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Exam Technique


While I was on my way to obtaining a couple of letters behind my name at the great University of Cape Town one of the funnier things that happened on the ride was when one of my good friends (no names mentioned but it probably wouldn't matter because "he's changed"... twice in fact!) came out of an Economics test claiming that he had got 2 percent.  I thought that was one way of saying the test was hard but took very little notice of the number as the man was both notorious for being an 'exaggerator' as well as always underestimating his marks (like all girls are taught to do).

Well just over two weeks later when the marks came out those of you who quickly scan everyone's marks to look for extreme temperatures would have found what can only be described as the South Pole of marks.... 2%!  allday001 ----- 2%....  Wholly Moses, how the fuck did this chap do it?!  Well it seems as if my friend was right... he had achieved the almost perfect fuck up....

Well it seems as if exam technique may have been something that allday001 should have invested in....  We all know that it can mean the difference between 49% and 50% or in this case 2% and 7.5%.  That is after you have heard that an English kid (thinking Council House Adolescent Vermon personally), when asked to describe the room that he was in, wrote "Fuck Off".  Baking?  I am hoping he was desperately out of time and it was the last question as he wasn't exactly endearing himself to the marker.  But the question remains, how the FUCK did he get 7.5%?


Wait for it.....

"accurate spelling" and "effective communication"...... STOP IT....


The 'effective communication' comment is only going to degenerate peoples tube ride experiences further when CHAV's use that term with their hoody clad heads held up high.

Two words my friends....... Exam Technique


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