Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Not so sure about this nick name that Peter Div has been given, but hey...  Was trawling news24 last night when I came across one of his great quotes in an article titled "Div ready to fight for Butch", where the great man was talking about keeping Butch James involved in SA rugby:  


We will lean over backwards to get him back."

I'm sorry what was that?  Some, including the ANC Youth League president, might say that I have 'quoted them out of context'.... I'm secretly hoping that it is because he learned to speak English from the Spanish who live in the Cape.


Butch, you so important to SA rugby that our national coach is going to strain his back (not break as that would involve being bent over in some manor) to keep you here.  Hope he doesn't lean too far and spill his coffee!

No really, I do love you Div.....


Thanks Seth.....

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