Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mustang Sally

Most of us have been in love and will know that it makes you do crazy things sometimes. It can change people. None more hectic than I have seen with mine own eyes. Before me in Barca stood a changed man. I was otherwise occupied with an Aussie and towards the end of the night came looking for a mate of mine on a club in the heart of the Barca Club district. I expected the man to be in his usual spot, on the side of the D-F with a bevvy of lovely ladies falling over each other to get his attention.

But to my absolute astonishment, he we nowhere to be found. Then a circle parted on the Dance floor. at first I didnt even look. Not him, not on the dancefloor, there was no punk playing. But then I did look up and I saw it. The crowd had parted and were watching in silence a young man down on one knee presenting a rose(which he wide eyedly begged me for cash to purchase. I had thought nothing of it because I thought the money was for beer) to another young Aussie lass. But thats not all kids. He was doing a Jambles-Like serenade move on her. He was singing along to the immortal words of Oasis: " Soooo Sally cant wait, she knows its too late and she's walking on by..."

That is an image I will take to my death Bed. Had I had my camera on me, I would have gladly snapped a pic, but alas I didnt, so you will have to take my word for it. I know, its a big ask, as my word isnt worth as much as the Zim dollar, but kids, I dont lie about love. This was the real-deal-holyfield-tickle-her-back-watch-her-sleep LOVE. Fantastic I think. What a transition, he was like a catterpillar into a butterfly.

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