Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barcelona: What a lady, What a night

I have been thinking for a few days how I was going to write this article. It would be impossible to explain exactly what we experienced on our trip. I know I wont do it justice, but I have to try.

I joined The Name in London and right from the get go, the party started. Our Barca leg would be sanwiched by two 4-day stints in the capital. We were put up in top accomodation by the London Branch and many thanks must go to them. To say we ran riot would be an understatement. The clubs we went to were absolutely insane. The booze was pricey, the ladies even more so, but the boys did well regardless. Sheer class it must be said. There were incidents involving a Brazillian, a few Londoners and an Aussie, no names will be mentioned because we are gentlemen and The Banker even Managed to bag a Saffa! There was of course a slaying session at the Leicester Square Walkies ("This is like shooting fish in a Barrel" - The Name). The Deax even came out to play as did Jan & Sooz. The piece-de-la-resistance was the Goo Goo Dolls in Hyde Park. Oh my God that they were awesome.

Then Barca came. It was heaven. There was a club below the hostel and a bar in it, that sold 2 x 1L Heineken draughts for 3euro during happy hour (6-7:30). A recipe for a great evening. The entire hostel pours out into the common room and plays various drinking games(kings, what-the-fuck, moose, indian war signs were among the favorites) in the evenings and gets completely wasted. Then down to the Offie (the bottle store), some Vodka, and more boozing. Then off (if you can still walk) to the club strip in Port Olympia where there are +- 15 clubs in a row that you make your way in and out of the entire night sampling the foreign 'beverages' at will. We also went to a few super clubs that were rather pushing it and that had a girl:guy ratio of 3:1. I can hear the Guru licking his lips.
A couple of saffas and an aussie
The place was bursting with Aussies. We befriended thousands and partied with tem very hard over the week. they brought a fantastic element to our games of kings and it was thoroughly enjoyable. A pair of Aussie lasses stood out though, and we spent most of our time with them. The others we met were with us for varying periods of time, but these two were there the entire time we were. They had top banter and the convesations we had were lively and jovial, oh and boyfriends that were soon forgotten...

Aussies Birds: Mates

Others who we encoutered included a myriad of crazy poms, who donned a boombox around the streets of Barca and came across a loudhailer and brought it back to the hostel. This entertained me greatly and I unfortunately got carried away with the thing much to the dismay of the rest of the entire hostel.

The unforgettable group of kiwis who pushed it all night in the clubs then came homa and set off the fire extinguisher in our corridoor. Again I got caught up in the mob mentality and exzaccerbated the problem. I did however feel a bit bad when I woke up the next morning and there was a team of cleaners sorting it out.

To do each story justice is almost impossible. especially in writing. All I can say is that if you ever get a chance, grab it with both hands. The people we met we will stay friends with forever and the experiences we had we will never forget.

Adios Barcelona, till next time.

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