Thursday, May 15, 2008

This is Going Straight to the Playroom

I really have little to say until after this final round of pool matches in the Super 14.  Maybe one or two things though....

1)  I hope the Sharks get pumped on Saturday

2)  Unlucky to UCT for coming up short against the Horn Dogs for the second time in a row (24-23)

3)  I hope the Sharks take 25pts plus from the Chiefs

4)  Congrats to the Nadoes for cleaning the Umbombo's last night!  Must say I am very impressed with the guys this year.  Thought they might lack the depth the Nadoes have always prided themselves on, but they have well and truly proved me wrong.

5)  Congrats to the RBHS 1st XV for beating SACS on the weekend.  Wasn't long ago that beating SACS was a non-negotiable, but things have changed Stuart and Jed.

6)  I seriously hope the Sharks say goodbye to Dick on Saturday evening!

7)  Play Black Out Rugby today!  Its good times!

8)  Put your life savings on the Sharks so that you hedge against a bad weekend (I have)..

9)  Behave more like this guy


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