Monday, May 5, 2008

The Game has Pushed it Here just caught wind of an EXPLOSIVE interview given by rapper the game. In it, The Game claims (possibly jokingly?) that 50 and members of G-Unit are engaged in homosexual relations. Here's his exact quote - judge for yourself:

At the end it’s only gonna be Tony Yayo and 50, Banks ‘gon go too man, I’m tellin’ you it’s only a certain amount of time man that you can just f*ck n*ggas in they as* man and you can’t – that’s me man I saw the rubber comin’ I jetted, I’m out n*gga.I’m not with that homo sh*t. You can do that homo sh*t to them n*ggas man. Them n*ggas love a**, butt f*ckers, butt pirates. They do all that s*it that’s they s*it man, I like girls man.

Game, you're gonna have to clear this one up...

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