Thursday, May 1, 2008

SuperBru Update

Thought it might be time for a little update on what has happened in the Super 14 prediction game that is SuperBru.  Two reasons really for the timing: 1) Got four tests on Saturday and this would be considered by most guidance councilors to be "work avoidance".  2)  I'm leading, although that is not really a valid point because otherwise we would have had updates pretty much throughout the entire competition.

The tournament started off at lighting pace and those that thought that "slow and steady wins the race" was anything other than an old chirp used by losers found out pretty quickly that it wasn't.  Yours truly showed that although you might not win the Super 14 in March, your sure as hell put yourself in with a chance.  The best part about leading is that I have killed two birds with one stone by proving to critics that this game is not about luck at all.

His (why I'm writing in 3rd person I'm not sure, seeing as I am 1st person..... that was a shit joke but my timing was impeccable) fiercest rival was a man who would probably be considered the bookies favourite, Gareth "Primate" Rosslee.  As an editor of he probably does have the competitive advantage (to quote my marketing 1 lecturer - kak course by the by).  The many hours of analysing have paid off by putting him in a position the Sharks would so dearly love to be in, 2nd place, with just a few rounds left.

In third place is what this game is all about, a true underdog and comeback story.  We've seen it hundreds of times on a Sunday night on M-net and we have seen it again here.  The Great Dayne was all but out the race after a couple of rounds, but turned what was a two horse race into a crowd.  Some brave calls paid off for the big man and he is right back in the mix.  Very Stormers like actually - bad start, nice comeback, go the momentum, but never really gonna take the title are they.

The rest of the bunch really did not add much to the compo apart from some numbers to make the thing vaguely credible.  Biggest disappointment was the Biggest Name in the game,  "Coheed" Gio Aplon Thompson.  He really showed that sometimes you can be a good Vodacom Cup player, but that bridge to Super 14 might be one too far.

Credit must go to Kezza Allenbrooke for his continued participation.  Truth be known I probably would have given up by now, but the youngster has kept on fighting.  Big up to you!

Will lets hope this compo pans out like it is supposed to with the best player winning.  Going to be a tight finish me thinks!




Gareth said...

hunting you boy.


Anonymous said...

shame what a fucking loser... tries so hard but fails.