Friday, March 14, 2008

Nadoes 1 Day Final on Sunday

The big day has finally arrived! Its 1 day final time! This Sunday the 16th of March sees WPCC/Nadoes CC in action in the 1 Day league final being held at the WPCC 1st team field. Our Playroom© reporters have managed to gather the following information on their fact finding missions:

Tom Vaughan will be Captaining the side as the regular captain the Ruth is away on WPCC 1st team duty. He was a late withdrawal, only finding out days before that he had been in fact dropped to the 1sts and that he would be joining Quayle’s Ales and Nadoes 6’s winning player The Bass in their game.

Murray King looks to have turned over a new leaf in his seasons quest for runs. Up till now he has been an utter embarrassment to the Nadoes and would on countless occasions been dropped from the side were it not for him having such a cool song! Another reason he has managed to stick around the entire season with an average of only 3.65 is because his bird ROXANNE!! ROXAAAAAAANNE!! Is willing to do whatever, and I mean whatever it takes to keep the poor boy in the side!

The fixture could also see the return of the Great Dayne to bolster the batting and bowling (not so much fielding) line ups. He has been absent of late as he has been furthering his flourishing business career as well as making it rain on the rugby fields for UCT.

Charles Roff is still the shortest cricketer ever to have lived.

Jambles Charton may well in fact be making his coaching Debut when he takes over from Martina Navratilova as the WP Women's Touch Rugby Coach. He is rumoured to have been offered a very UNlucrative contract from the franchise, but it did include a blow job after every game. Not sure if that’s a positive or a negative.

Warren Butler is looking a strong performance as he is coming off TFC for the last game. He suffered a setback last week when his team was bundled out of the tournament in the semi’s.

The game will be aired on SS1 and starts at 10:30. So all get down to WPCC fields and support the boys for what should be a thrilling game of cricket.

Oh, and there will be strippers sponsored by The Playroom

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