Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good News or Bad News?

Do You want the good news or the bad news first?

Bad news I hear you say? Thats the spirit, get it out the way...

BAD NEWS: This is starting to push it now. Come on. Apparently, the petrol price is going to rise from the 1st of April again. Another 61c. Dont F@#king worry, we are all made of money so it wont affect us at f@#king all!!

I will lay my pimp hand down on jesus himself if he told me that it has to go up again. For F@#K sake. Enough now.

Thats All.

Read About it all here

GOOD NEWS: Apparently that brown haired chick from Sex in the City has made a sex tape. It will start doing the rounds soon im sure so look out for it kids. There are however screen shots of the tape, like the one included in the article on 2oceansvibe.com. It caught me by surprise as it popped up in the middle of my office!! Nearly Caught, but wasn't Phew!! Worth a look tho!

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Chris M said...

Thanks for the link back! I am also really annoyed with the continual increase in petrol price!