Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fish in a Chippie Shop Innit

Damien Hirst's odd art

A fish which hung for almost a decade in a Leeds chippie is to be sold - for up to £150,000. Customers at the Town Street fish and chip shop joked that the fish in formaldehyde looked like a Damien Hirst. Fortunately art thieves never spotted that it was a Hirst - Darren Walker and his father couldn't afford to insure it. "People just got used to seeing it," said Darren. He and his brother and sister were school friends of Hirst's younger brother, Bradley, who they got a job at the shop. Hirst gave them the fish in 1994, and it will be auctioned by Bonham's this autumn.
Can you imagine how the pikes who owned the shop must have reacted when they found out what this seemingly shocking piece of "art" was worth? "Free chips 'n drinks fir evry bloke an slapper wot cums in ere!!" Good group the pikes.

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