Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Daly Cup Revival

It has been ages since the last running of the Daly Cup. It was on that fateful day that the Croc grabbed the most coveted prize in Cape Town Golf.

Rumours are flying around as to the identity of the players that will make up this iterations field. Names like Ruth Morris, Charles Roff and Thomas Vaughan have been used, and in what could be an amazing occurrence, the 2 time champion and only player ever to win the Daly cup back to back with a competition record of 75, the Great Dayne could be dusting off he clubs and throwing his name back into the mix to vy for this awesome prize.

Murray King will probably be in attendance and will be trying his utmost not to land the wooden spoon for a record breaking 5th time.

For past winners and records as well as the previos tournaments write-ups look below.

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