Friday, February 13, 2009

Isolation is over, Lets Party like is 1994

THIS JUST IN: It appears the Playroom is back up and running. It would appear that the long and unanticipated period of silence from the former gossip powerhouse is finally over. Many speculated as to why the abrupt ending to the witty and lively banter came about.

Some said they had touched on a story with such far reaching implications if published that they were 'silenced' by the implicated parties. Some say that the head writer was struck down with syphillis. Others speculated that one writer had been snapped up by idols after Gareth Cliff saw him singing into a beer bottle at Tin Roof while another writer had been rumoured to have been struck by lightning, igniting his steel spine killing him instantly.

But all the speculating is sure to be put to rest in the not too distant future as the inhouse writers once again assemble themselves to carry on from where they had left off. Like a pheonix rising from the ashes, The Playroom will look to bulid its once proud reputation of Cape Town's no1 source of information.

The team has spread itself over South Africa as to get the greatest posible scope for all stories. They will reportedly be introducing a Johannesburg writer and thus will keep the public up to date with all happenenings bizarre and wonderful from the city of Gold.

Watch this space kids, its sure to get hectique. We await their much anticipated return with bated breath. Or until something better comes along.

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