Monday, September 6, 2010

Jardine Restaurant

On Saturday it was Puppy's birthday so we went to Jardine on Bree street to celebrate. The establishmant is a rather good bakery during the day and a boutique fine dining restaurant by night. It was recomended to me by The Pecan Farmer, so I decided to give it a try.

On walking in, we were met by the host, a pretty blond girl, rather surprisingly not of eatern european descent, and were led upstairs to our table. We were waited upon by no less than 4 waiters in the first 5 minutes! It was hectique! Bringing us wine, breads, souflee'd starters, weird little tasters in spoons, all sorts of hectic little tasty things. I was quite taken aback. We were not particularly hungry owing to the huge lunch we had had, so each ordered the 2 course option (R240 pp) of a starter and main. The food came with rather quickly, and was absolutely delicious. It looked like art, not food. Each dish created with painstaking attention to detail. The mussels were out of this world, and I was assured that these were the best Puppy had ever tasted!

On to our mains and the duck I had was insane! Prob the tastiest meat I have eaten, it was truly awesome. A full 10/10 must go to Jardine and the vibe they put out. It has an air of pure class. The staff are friendly and know their stuff, be it the menu or the varied wine selection. The only deterrant might possibly be the price, Ideally what you would want to go for would be the 3/4/5 course options, and this will set you back between R300 and R450 pp. But if you were looking for one of the best dining experiences in Cape Town, then you must look no further than Jardine.

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